EASN Technology Innovation Services BVBA – EASN

Organization Profile

The European Aeronautics Science Network (EASN) is the Association of the European Academia active in Aeronautics research. The ultimate goals of EASN are to establish mechanisms for the incubation of new knowledge and breakthrough technologies in aeronautics as well as to disseminate this knowledge and support its exploitation in favour of Europe’s wealth and economy. It represents the Academia in ACARE and other EU forums and committees. Through its currently registered members, EASN connects to more than 10000 academic staff throughout Europe.

The EASN Association is contractually linked to EASN Technology Innovation Services BVBA (EASN-TIS), which is responsible to undertake the EASN tasks in the frame of research projects, including project management and administration.

The strategic partnerships of EASN, as well as the wide spread of its members, allow EASN to effectively disseminate Aeronautics related information to a wide range of Scientists throughout Europe. Also, EASN offers its members guidance and support in the FP projects preparation, management and reporting procedures since its establishment. In these areas, universities often lack resources and know-how. But as the effective dissemination of the project results as well as the successful exploitation are a major part of all RTD projects in FP7, and a key element for the success of a project, it is highly recommended to put emphasis on it. EASN can – through its expertise and existing instruments and networks – play an important role in this field.

Role in the project

EASN will lead and coordinate the project dissemination and exploitation activities by:

►Setting up and constantly updating the PUDK.
►Preparing the IASS dissemination material such as fliers, posters etc.
►Establishing and maintaining the IASS website
►Organizing the IASS participation in conferences, workshops etc.
►Monitoring IPR issues
►Other activities promoting the IASS results

EASN will also assist in the project management activities and support the consortium in the administrative tasks such as:

►Project reporting
►Financial reporting
►Deliverables and deadlines
►Project meetings
►Any other contractual obligations