Expected Results

The three main objectives concerning the development of the new multifunctional materials will lead to:

►3 main product deliverables:

1)  Self-healing structural materials with tailored structural, electrical and flame resistance applications

2) Plane and curved Panels reinforced with carbon fibers for structural applications

3) Production of Premix/Master Batch based on the blend of epoxy precursors and surface-treated/functionalised protective nanoparticles/Nanofillers.

►3 main expected results concerning the progress on composite materials for aeronautic applications:

1) Development and characterisation of new multifunctional composites

2) Development and optimisation of industrial processes for their fabrication

3) Experimental validation of structural parts of large dimensions

IASS will bring to the European research area innovations that concern base materials, nanofillers and techniques that will be employed in the production process. The use of functionalised nanofiller as conductive network and catalyst support to host a self-healing catalyst is a revolutionary approach that should lead to the creation of novel generation of materials with desired properties and design flexibilities.