Martin Luther University Halle Wittenberg – MLU

Organization Profile

The department of macromolecular chemistry on MLU focuses on the synthesis and development of new polymers and polymeric materials. Main direction of the research is directed towards tailored synthetic methods (living polymerization methods) and analytical polymer science. A main focus is directed towards self-healing polymers and designed nanocomposites and polymeric systems suitable for the applications in material science, nanotechnology and medicine. Simultaneous extensive physical-chemical investigations enable profound insight into the reactions mechanism, resulting in better understanding of the properties and skills of the designed polymeric materials required for the desired self-healing applications.

Role in the project

The main goal of the MLU as project partner is to investigate the concept of self-healing materials based on new multifunctional nanocomposites, which are able to enhance the properties of coating materials traditionally used in aerospace industry like electrical conductivity, flame- and impact damage resistance. As most autonomically healing materials require fast and efficient crosslinking processes ideally based on catalytic reactions, our main goal is to design and characterize suitable nanofillers based on the nanomaterials which are functionalized with adequate catalysts. As a main result a suitable concept of the self-healing processes should be chosen and developed. The extensive analytical investigations will give a profound insight in the mechanism self-healing processes and the catalytic activity of the new designed catalytic nanofillers.