Organization Profile

MATERIA NOVA is a research centre dedicated to the study of new materials (interfacial phenomena, design, preparation, characterization, evaluation of performances, aging etc.). It was born in the framework of  ‘Objectif n°1’ of the European Structural Funds 1994 – 1999. It is strongly connected to the University of Mons (UMONS) as well as local and international industry. It is a non-profit-making organization (‘ASBL’) of approximately 90 people.

MATERIA NOVA activities are mainly focused on 3 expertise areas which are: polymers and nanotechnology, surface treatments of materials and green chemistry. More specifically, in the field of polymers and nanotechnology, MATERIA NOVA has been developing for more than a decade special several techniques to elaborate true nano-composites by improving the interactions between the nano-particles and the selected polymer matrix by modifying the chemistry of the interface between different kind of nano-particles and the surrounding polymer. It is also of interest to note that MATERIA NOVA owns a large panel of equipments allowing the determination of molecular parameters, extreme surface characterization of materials and the evaluation of their macroscopic properties such as mechanical, thermal, fire and electrical behaviours.

Role in the project

MATERIA NOVA is involved in WP3, WP4, WP6 and WP8. Its main activities in the frame of IASS project can be summarized as follows:

► Dispersion method, resin formulation
► Characterization, Morphological analysis and thermo-mechanical properties of nanofillers and resin formulated and
► Evaluation of the flame resistance behaviour of the formulated composites.