Aerospace Research and Test Establishment – VZLU

Organization Profile

Aerospace Research and Test Establishment (VZLÚ) is a national centre for research, development and testing in aeronautics and space. The main mission of VZLÚ is to generate new knowledge, transfer it into industrial practice and to provide its partners with the maximum support in the development of new products. As a multi-discipline research organisation, VZLÚ exploits synergic effects and also contributes to progress of automotive, rail, defence, security and power industry and civil engineering. The major multidisciplinary fields of VZLÚ include: aerodynamics, structure strength and durability, material and corrosion engineering, composite materials and technologies, and accredited testing. In the field of product development, VZLÚ is focused on rotor blades, industrial fans, aircraft engines and satellite equipment. VZLÚ collaborates closely with similar organisations throughout Europe to provide feed-back necessary for its continuous development.

Role in the project

The work will be focused on the analysis of composites with an appropriate geometry to carry out mechanical tests. The tests will bring information about static and dynamic mechanical properties of the self-healing multifunctional composites.

One of the tasks will be focused on the testing of coupons and other samples designed in WP5 including tests under RT, cold and hot/wet conditions. Testing of structural elements will be included. A significant part of the VZLU activities within the project will be focused on the damage tolerance characterization of developed material. Non-destructive evaluation will be performed by the laser shearography device and ultrasonic C-Scan. The scope is the impact damage detection before and after healing of material.